About Me

I was always that friend you went to in the locker room to get your liquid liner on or did your makeup before going out that night with the girls! In elementary my art teacher was very inspiring and I discovered my talent in drawing and painting! I majored in Fine Arts at University of Houston, and I have a love for all art forms but struggled to find my true passion through art, until I started taking makeup more serious as an art form, then everything changed!

Doing makeup I get to express my artistic side and help bring out that confidence in women that we sometimes struggle with. Makeup is so much more than covering your imperfections, it is about highlighting your beautiful features and making you feel fabulous inside by looking just as fabulous on the outside. "I don't need makeup to feel beautiful", well news flash it is not about needing makeup, it is about wanting to show off our beautiful features! I have always enjoyed making people smile and helping to lift their spirits, anything from being a clown and making them laugh, lending a good listening ear, or lending them a helping hand. Now I have truly found my dream come true, I get to make people feel good every time I do their makeup. So let me make you feel beautiful and show you how easy even a simple makeup look can be and how fun it is.


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