Battle of the Boxes: October

Monday, November 30, 2015

Better late then never right? November, MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, has been so crazy busy for me. I knew I had to get this battle of the boxes up no matter what, so here is the oh so anticipated review on my beauty subscription boxes!!


Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo does not lather and personally I can't get used to that! I feel like I need to use more product to get my hair clean. Now I can't deny that I did like the way my hair looked after shampooing and conditioning... BUT my hair got oily quickly. I have color treated hair and tend to wash my hair every other day and sometimes every two days, so needless to say this was not a shampoo and conditioner for me.

Harvey Prince Ageless- Pink Grapefruit
Smells really good and love this scent for everyday. I already have a few perfumes but I will definitely keep this one in mind when its time to buy a few more. This perfume has a mix of floral and citrus scents, it also has true lasting power throughout the day. If you are shopping around for a fun and light everyday scent, take your time and check this one out.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (24 Hour Miracle Cream)
The soothing shea butter and aloe vera in this product definitely makes your skin look and feel great. I used this product a few times at night and in the morning my skin was so hydrated and smooth. A plus side, you can use this cream as a makeup remover, post-shave soother, and all over body lotion!

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment
This product works nicely but I already have a product that is very similar (it's a 10 Leave In Product) and I would not switch over. It has a combo of natural protiens and lipids and makes your hair feel smoother and look healthier, not to mention how easy it is to brush after letting it soak in. 


Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub
Yummy, smells like pumpkin and feels like fall! I have used this product several times and although I love the smell, I would not purchase this exfoliating facial scrub. I have sensitive skin and prefer a scrub that is not so abrasive. Some may like this product, it definitely leaves your skin feeling "scrubbed" clean.  

Ayres Sunrise Hand Cream
I usually do not get too excited about hand creams but this product has really cute packaging and I threw it in my purse right away. Washing your hands all the time can really get them dry, especially now with the colder weather. It's important to use a good hand cream throughout the day and before you go to bed. I already have so many but I did enjoy this product in my ipsy bag.

Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish in Inky Dinky
Love the color but I have not tried this out yet... 

theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick
WINNER! Love it and will be purchasing multiple shades, the formula doesn't leave your lips feeling super dry. I tend to always love theBalm Cosmetics and these are new to their line, I would definitely recommend you to try this product if you are looking for a neutral liquid lipstick. They are great for lasting long and have a matte finish.

Coastal Scents Eyeliner
FAIL. I have to say that I was really disappointed in this product. I always hear great things about this line and was excited to try this liner and hated it. I do not like any eye product that tugs the skin and is hard to apply, my favorite types of liners glide on easy. I will not be giving this product a second chance.

THE BOX OF THE MONTH IS... IPSY! Thanks to theBalm Cosmetics liquid lipstick I have decided that the ipsy bag won me over this month. 

October Favorites

Thursday, November 5, 2015

I love sharing some of my favorite products of the month but it's so hard to pick and choose. Here are a few new products I have tried and am completely sold on! 

The Sigma F80 Flat Kubuki Brush

This foundation brush is now what I reach for every morning to apply my liquid foundation. It pushes and blends the product right into your face like a dream. Sigma brushes are a wonderful investment and the prices are more affordable than MAC brushes, which are amazing as well! 

Lorac Mega Pro II 

Lorac is one of my favorites for eyeshadows and I love so many of their products. I have the first mega pro palette and I absolutely love it and now I have to say I love the second one just as much. I have been reaching for this palette almost everyday to try new looks. It offers 12 matte shades and 12 shimmering shades. While it has some nice warm colors I do feel this palette has more cool tones. 

Pixie: Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

This product has truly made its impact on my face. Ever since I saw Tati use this I knew I had to try it! It has 5% glycolic, aloe vera and ginseng. It's said to even outskintone for a brighter complexion. It gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells. In other words, it's a miracle worker! The texture of my face has truly improved and I know this product has truly made a difference. 

Vichy: Aqualia Thermal Moisturizer 

If you need a great moisturizer for combination to dry skin, I highly recommend this product! I first tried it because it came to me as a sample through Ulta. After using this product my dry patches disappeared and my skin starred looking refreshed and plump. I was sold. I not only purchased the full sized product at Ulta, but turned my sister into a fan!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Do you like the smell of cupcakes?! I love applying this yummy smelling lip gloss on my lips! I'm a HUGE fan of the ABH makeup line (especially all of their brow products). I have been using the heck out of these bad boys and you can currently get an awesome deal at Macy's with there holiday lip gloss set! I will be talking more about holiday sets, so make sure to check back to my page soon! Back to these glosses... They have such great pigments and make your lips look incredibly glossy and sexy! You can use them on there own when your in a hurry, pair it with a lip liner, or even mix it with some of your favorite lipsticks! They wear incredibly! 

Winter is Coming!

Cold weather is near and I'm sure we are all excited to escape the summer heat. But ladies lets remember with cold weather comes dry skin! It is so important to take care of our lovely faces and moisturizing, morning and night, is so important. 

I even add an oil based serum to my daily routine. Remember just because you might already have oily skin doesn't mean you should skip this crucial step! Sometimes when we constantly strip our faces of their natural oils, our bodies end up wanting to produce even more oil to compensate. Having a daily routine is so important for having better skin, you have to stay consistent. And most importantly your make up will apply so much nicer! 

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